Legal Services

Litigation Services, Legal Advice, Conciliation and Arbitration

We represent our clients before all courts and quasi-judicial authorities on various matters, and providing assistance by issuing oral and written legal advice, as well as providing local and international conciliation and arbitration services before all arbitration panels, including Saudi Center for Commercial Arbitration (SCCA), Dubai International Arbitration Center (DIAC), Dubai International Financial Center – London Court of International Arbitration (DIFC-LCIA), International Chamber of Commercial (ICC).

Corporation Laws and Articles of Association

We are experts in drafting, reviewing and amending the constitutional documents, including the standard form articles of association in accordance with the Saudi Companies Act, governance regulations and other related laws, in order to achieve the interests of the legal entities under different categories, including companies and individual establishments, limited liability companies, partnerships, joint stock companies, listed and closed stock companies, Foreign companies or mixed owners and family businesses.

Governance Programs and Related Policies and Procedures

We assist our clients to draft, develop and implement governance programs and the related policies and procedures to be in compliance with industry best practices. Furthermore, we can assess the current states of the client, suggest further improvements,if necessary, in accordance with applicable laws. We also provide local opinion on global compliance program of multinationals, and provide review and advise to be in compliance with the applicable local laws and regulations.

Drafting and Reviewing Contracts and Letters of Understanding

We draft and review of all types of contracts, agreements, letters of intent, correspondence, notices, memorandums of understanding; and attend negotiations on behalf of the client, and provide capacity and enforceability legal opinions.

Labor Law

We provide legal advice in all labor matters, and represent both employers and employees before various labor courts and tribunals.

Take the NecessaryLegal Procedures to Form Legal Entities

We are the go-to firm to establish companies and other legal entities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, change their legal structure and framework, enter into mergers, acquisitions, liquidation,Bankrupts  etc., and handle all related governmental and regulatory requirements.

Intellectual Property Rights, Patents, and Trademarks

We provide legal advice and represent our clients in the field of protecting intellectual property in general, and trademarks, patents and copyrights in particular.Take the necessary procedures to register and protect the rights of our clients, and drafting of contractual rights to safeguard the interest of the parties in intellectual property matters.

Attending Board Meetings and Shareholder General Assembly

We attend and conduct companies’ board of director meetings and general assembly of partners and shareholders to assist in the legal aspects of resolutions and minutes of meetings and carrying out the work of the secretariat of these meetings. We provide company secretarial services to ensure that the meeting and resolution are in legal order.

Financial and Insurance Issues

We provide our clients with legal consultation and dispute resolution services in the financial and banking fields,and represent them before the relevant judicial authorities. Our services include insurance companies, the insured and insurance brokers.

Information Security

We provide our clients with policy formulation services that are concerned with cyber security and use, including having internal regulations to handle data and systems, as well as provide with the legal advice on the application of relevant law on specific instances of violation, and help entities and individuals to carry out the necessary investigations and prosecution for breach of rights, and to safeguard the privacy of parties involved.

Real Estate Affairs and Inheritance Issues

We look after the interests of our clients; investors in the real estate sector, including providing legal support for contracting to purchase and rent properties, obtain licenses, invest and transfer ownership, and carrying out the required legal procedures. We also undertake issues of succession/inheritance distribution and provide sharia advice in this regard.